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Wielkie wyróżnienie dla Emilii Szłapy

Dear contestant,

We are happy to send you, together with this email, the diploma you earned in Music and Stars Awards.

We are glad you are now a part of Music and Stars Awards family!

No matter which award you got, we are very proud of you, since being able to apply is already a big achievement, meaning that you were fully prepared for it.

So, congratulations on this accomplishment.

Our main purpose at Music and Stars Awards is to give you a motivation to keep improving every day. That is why we hope to be able to see you again in next editions, in order to follow your progress in this beautiful field of music.

We are finishing to making our Talent Boutique to look nice for those of you wishing to acquire a trophy or a medal. As soon as it is ready, we will let you know.

In the meantime, congratulations again and keep going!

Keep safe and healthy!

Best wishes,

The Music and Stars Awards Team